SeaCircle aims to promote the most innovative and trustworthy solutions for the shipping industry

Starting from our humble beginnings in London and Piraeus, our people have been forged in the frame of Greek shipping, collecting a decade spanning experience in ship and chartering operations.

We believe that the Sea is where we came from, but with our eyes fixed in the future through innovative solutions we will support the marine industry.

"drawing new Circles is what we do."

In SeaCircle we believe that, through our selected network of our associated partners, we can reliably provide ship owners and ship operators with industry’s newest and most trustworthy solutions.


With our steady mindset and our detailed selection process, we place a lot of care on our partners and principals. In that way, we currently represent a very selective number of high profile providers of marine services, sophisticated online systems and high quality equipment, all ready to serve shipping’s most concrete aspects.